Civil Division

sheriff badge



Office Location:


Dawson County

Law Enforcement Center

440 Colorado Boulevard

Glendive, MT  59330


Phone: (406) 377-5291

Emergency Phone: 911

Civil Division



To submit documents for service:

IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU SUBMIT A COMPLETED, SIGNED, AND DATED PRAECIPE (or Letter of Instruction) WITH YOUR DOCUMENTS FOR SERVICE.  The Praecipe needs to include as much information as possible of the person you wish to have served, i.e.: full name, physical description, complete address, phone numbers, employer, etc.  Please list exactly which documents we are to serve-list the title of each document.  Your signature and date must be on the  authorizing us to proceed with service. 

Per statute, Dawson County Sheriff’s Office requires prepayment of cost of services.  Please see link below for Fee Schedule.

To process your request, we will need:

  • Completed and signed Praecipe.
  • The original Process Document or certified copy of original document
  • Complete set of documents for each person you wish to have served.
  • Payment of fees in full or a copy of a Montana court order waiving your fees for service.

Mail your documents and payment to:
                                                                               Dawson County Sheriff’s Office                                        

                                                                                Civil Division

                                                                                440 Colorado Blvd

                                                                                Glendive, MT 59330


Our deputies make every effort to complete service however we cannot guarantee the service will be completed.  Once your documents have been received and processed, all service fees are nonrefundable.  Please contact us at 406-377-5291 with any questions however this office cannot render legal advise.