County Planning

Forrest Sanderson, AICP, CFM
County Planner
County Floodplain Administrator

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Zoning Information

Currently most of the County does not have zoning.  Zoning in the County consist of 2 citizen driven zoned areas (Part I zoning), Highland Park and Forest Park.  The other zoning is considered as county-wide (Part II) zoning, however only the River Road area in West Glendive has been zoned. 
Zoning codes

In all these zoned areas, a
Zoning Compliance Permit-(changing from reference to Building Permit) is needed for Construction in Zoned Areas. 
Zoning Compliance Permit Application  
If you think a property has a zoning violation/is not in compliance with current zoning the following is a complaint form that can be given to the Planning Department for follow-up.

         Zoning Enforcement Complaint Form

Forest Park, Highland Park, and River Road Variance

Zoning Changes
     aRiver Road (to be coming)