County Planning

Forrest Sanderson, AICP, CFM
County Planner
County Floodplain Administrator

Phone: (406) 373-7240







Floodplain Committee

The Floodplain Committee was established to address the need to protect the land behind the West Glendive Levy for residential and commercial development.  The Floodplain Committee is comprised of the three County Commissioners, the Mayor of the City of Glendive, and three other elected officials.  The Floodplain Committee coordinates their action efforts with the Army Corps of Engineers.

For more information about the Floodplain Committee, please contact the City/County Planner at 406-345-4139.


 Current Committee Members:


Adam Gartner, Chair; Jerry Jimison; Kathy Green; Doug Buxbaum; Henry Lordeman; Gary Kartevold