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Shirley Kreiman
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Buffalo Rapids Irrigation Election

Forms - Click on the appropriate form for a .pdf version of the form
1. Designation of Voting Rights, Land Under Contract-(Use if you are purchasing land via a contract for deed)
2. Designation of Voting Rights-Co-Owners-(Use if you are a co-owner of land within the District; Includes Husband and Wife)
    Designation of Voting Rights-Co-Owners-Fillable Word Form
3. Designation of Voting Rights-Corporation-(Officer of corporation uses to designate who will vote on their behalf)
4. Designation of Voting Rights-Partnership-(Use to designate who will vote on behalf of partnership)
5. Designation of Voting Rights-Land Under Lease Contract-Designation of Voting Rights-Land Under Lease Contract-(Use if you are Leasing land within the district AND the owner wishes to allow you to cast votes on their behalf)
6. Designation of Voting Rights-ProxyDesignation of Voting Rights-Proxy-
(Use if you are an owner who wishes to designate someone to vote on your behalf and none of the above apply)