Disaster & Emergency Svc


Mary Jo Gehnert, DES Coordinator

Mailing address: 207 W. Bell St.
 Glendive, MT  59330
Office Location:  2200 N. Merrill Ave.
 Fairgrounds Complex, Bldg #2
(406) 377-2566
(406) 377-2567

Disaster & Emergency Services


Emergency Alerts! For information on an Emergency, click below.

 emergency blue 

WE MITIGATE - those dangers we can
WE PREPARE - for those dangers we cannot eliminate
WE RESPOND - to those events that occur and
WE RECOVER - from those events we survive

 Responsibilities of the Local DES Coordinator:

A. Prepare local emergency/disaster declaration for local chief executive.
B. Activate local Emergency Operations Plan.
C. Can obtain any type of local resource.
D. Can obtain state and federal assistance.
E. Keep local officials informed.
F. Keep state and federal government informed.
G. Act as a liaison between IC and other agencies.
H. Facilitate mutual aid.
I. Establish and manage Emergency Operations Center.
J. Other - arrange for sheltering of evacuees, work on recovery issues, etc.
The process to obtain help:
A. Contact the local DES Coordinator (normally through dispatch (406) 377-2364)
B. If unable to contact local DES call the State Disaster & Emergency Services at (406) 324-4777 (24 hours a day) and ask for DES Duty Officer.