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Dawson County Correctional Facility
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Glendive, MT  59330
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Century Link
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DC Correctional Facility


Friends, relatives and/or other persons visiting or communicating with an inmate of the prison or jail are responsible to adhere to all applicable facility rules and regulations. On site visits are as follows:

State Inmates are allowed a maximum of two (1) contact visits per month. State Inmates may schedule contact visits for Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. State Inmate non-contact visits are Saturday's from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. 

County Inmate visits are Saturday's from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Visits are permitted only on designated visiting days, and at assigned times. At no time are minors allowed visitation unless accompanied by an adult.

Photo identification containing age verification is required of all visitors.

Attorney visits may be arranged outside of normal visitation hours, but advance notice is required.

Both State and County Inmates have access to Video Visitation, via ICS Communications.  

Tank tops or spandex tops. Sleeveless Tops. Jackets, coats, hoodies, shawls, ponchos or down-filled vests. Camouflage or see through clothing. Leggins, yoga, spandex, sweats, wind pants or bib overalls. Shorts of any kind. Dresses or skirts above the knee or with slits above the knee. Wrap dresses or dresses that snap up the front, side or back. Ball caps, hats or headscarves. Sandals, flip flops, open toe shoes or steel toe boots. 

Any visitor or other person entering the facility is subject to reasonable search in the interest of facility security. Persons authorized for a “contact” visit, or other accesses to the secure perimeter of the facility are subject to a pat-search, and any item carried into the facility is subject to search. Failure to comply with search procedures will result in the immediate termination of the visit, and future visitation requests may be denied. Visitors are not allowed inside the secure perimeter of the facility without the direct supervision of an officer.

Montana Code Annotated 45-7-307, “Transferring Illegal Articles” makes the introduction of contraband into a correctional facility a felony, punishable by up to twenty years in prison.

Many of the privileges available to an inmate of this facility are directly linked to the disciplinary program. Privileges such as telephone access, visitation, contact visitation, etc. may be temporarily suspended due to an inmate’s conduct within the facility.

All new inmates receive a copy of the Inmate Handbook containing the rules and regulations of the facility. Families, friends, etc. that plan to visit someone in the facility are encouraged to discuss applicable rules with the inmate early on.

All housing units in the facility are equipped with telephones. Century Link is the current inmate phone system provider. Century Link contact information is on the left side of this web page.  Outgoing calls are typically made collect or through a pre-paid account. At no time are incoming calls accepted for inmates, nor are messages taken. All calls made from inmate telephones are subject to monitoring and recording. If you are receiving unwanted calls, please forward a written request that your number be blocked from our system. Attorney / client calls are not recorded.

Inmates are only allowed to receive letters while incarcerated in this facility. At no time are packages, boxes, and etc. allowed. All mail received by inmates is opened and inspected. Letters addressed to inmates must contain the inmate’s full name, as well as the sender’s name and return address. Indigent inmates are provided three (3) letters per week. Hand delivered mail; notes, pictures, etc. are not accepted. All money sent to inmates must be in the form of a U S Postal money order or certified bank draft. Personal checks are not accepted. All legal mail (mail from the courts or attorneys) is opened by the inmate in the presence of an officer and visually scanned for contraband.

Medical care is available through the facility’s Medical Department. Treatment for pre-existing conditions, and/or self-inflicted injuries are the financial responsibility of the inmate. Medication provided for an inmate must be approved by the Medical Department, must be in the original pharmacy container, and must have a valid prescription attached.

Pre-trial inmates held in the jail will not be released without appropriate release authorization. All bond or bail posted on behalf of an inmate must be in the form of cash, U S Postal money order or certifiedbank draft. Personal checks are not accepted for bail. This facility does not make recommendations regarding the acquisition of a bail-bondsman. You are encouraged to consult a telephone book for more information.

Personal property is the sole responsibility of the owner, and is generally not allowed. The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for any article of personal property that may be damaged, lost, or stolen during an inmate’s incarceration, or any other persons visit to the facility.

No alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, food or drink, cell phones or cameras are permitted during visitation. Drinks are allowed to be purchased from the vending machine in the lobby for State Inmate Contact Visits only.

All persons entering the facility may do so for authorized purposes only. Upon completion of a visit, the public is asked to immediately leave the facility grounds. Loitering in or near the facility is prohibited.


Fingerprints and DNA Collection times are Wednesday's and Sunday's from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Fingerprints fees are $20.00 and DNA Collection fees are $25.00. Cash or U S Postal money orders only. No checks can be accepted.