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Dawson County DUI Task Force

The Dawson County DUI Task Force was recently assumed by the
Dawson County Attorney's Office from Former Undersheriff Rich
Rowe who had tirelessly coordinated the Task Force for several years.
Hat's Off to Former Undersheriff Rich Rowe for his efforts and his service
to Dawson County and to Public Safety.

It is the Mission of the DUI Task Force of Dawson County to promote a
healthier community and safer environment by working with various
disciplines around the community to reduce the incidence of alcohol and
drug related injuries and deaths through public education, legal advocacy,
and enforcement strategies.

The goal of the DUI Task Force is NOT to stop drinking all together, but, rather
to promote the use of alcohol in age appropriate settings and in a safe manner
reducing the amount of vehicular homicides and injuries while under the influence
of alcohol and drugs; reduce overservice of patrons and reduce the number of
Driving Under the Influence arrests in Dawson County.  See the State submitted
DUI Task Force Plan by clicking on this link:  DUI Task Force FY 15 Plan.

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