Dawson Community Airport

  Commercial Airline Service

Cape Air

To purchase tickets on Cape Air, visit or call the reservation
center at 1-800-CAPE-AIR, or through your travel agent.

 Automobile Rental:  

Avis 406 377-8032

Terminal Building Hours

Open all day and night

Contact information:

Dawson Community Airport
207 W. Bell
Glendive, Montana 59330

Phone: (406) 687-3372
Fax: (406) 687-3563


Fuel Facilities

Dawson County Fuel Facilities 


 Jet-A  fuel pump with anti-ice added.  This is a fully
automated system if self service is desired.  The
system has two hoses for over the wing and single

point refueling. 


 100 LL gas pump system that is automated for
self service 24 hours.