Dianna Broadie, AICP

County Planner

County Floodplain Administrator


Office Located at:

Dawson County Courthouse

"Old Jail" Building

207 W. Bell St.

Glendive, MT  59330


Phone: (406) 345-4139







Zoning Information

Currently most of the County does not have zoning.  Zoning in the County consist of 2 citizen driven zoned areas (Part I zoning), Highland Park and Forest Park.  The other zoning is considered as county-wide (Part II) zoning, however only the River Park area in West Glendive has been zoned.

Zoning codes


In all these zoned areas, a Zoning Compliance Permit-(changing from reference to Building Permit) is needed for Construction in Zoned Areas. 


Zoning Compliance Permit Application


City of Glendive Zoning Code

     aPart 1

     aPart 2


City of Glendive Zoning Map


City Zoning Variance





Forest Park, Highland Park, and River Road Variance






Zoning Changes

      aCity of Glendive

     aForest Park (to be coming)

     aHighland Park (to be coming)

     aRiver Road (to be coming)



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